I am not able to change from StudioX to studio

Hi Everyone,

I am not able to change my StudioX to Studio.
I saw my license was Automation Express on Orchestrator. How do I change my license on Orchestrator, and how do I change from StudioX to Studio?

Please guide me on this.



Are you on community license or free?

If free then you cannot have studio

If you are on community then assign automation dveeloper role then you can


Hi @Anil_G ,

How to we know that is community or free?

On this below screen, I am able to see on the orchestrator.

Maybe this is free, right? so, How can I change this?

Last time, I was on community. why it is changing to free? I am totally confused.


Looks like there’s no way to go back to Community from Free:(https://docs.uipath.com/automation-cloud/automation-cloud/latest/admin-guide/about-licensing#community)

Community used to be available for production use for small businesses but looks like that changed recently.

Hope this helps


It is a free license…

You can create a community account with a different user id or email id and use it

Once its converted to free you cannot get to community…may be you activated a free plan


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