I am getting one issue. Please look and help me out. Details below

Highlighted is the low and high pair and it get change order by order. I am storing this value in a variable.

Now the next step is I need to search the low and high pair value on beow screen and if the data match closly to the low and high pair then I need to select the corrosponding DET value. In current situation highlighted in red is matching.

Please help me out

What are your difficulties?
Do you want to find the right selector? Do you want solutions on how to find pairs of values on UI?

I want to find the solution to find the pair of values

I see it like this:
First you check if there is a selector from aaname "(Pairs * - * Decommisioned *)" by Element Exists Activity
* = wildcard

If the selector exists you get the text by Get Text Activity.
You extract the numbers from text and convert them to integer.

You add these numbers to the comparison by your criteria, i.e.:

If number1 <= (number1 + 10) Or number1 >= (number1-10) And number2 <= (number2 + 10) Or number2 >= (number2-10)

If the conditions are met, you perform further actions.