I am connecting to Sharepoint using Sharepoint.package 1.7.0, getting an account selection pop up in uipath executor window

The account details are present in system and it is a SSO type of login, but a pop up comes as we are going to log in to sharepoint (even manually).
I just need to click the account and that logs me in. when executing the process from studio- uipath executor window(green icon which have the process name as title in task bar when a process is running from studio) opens where it launches the sharepoint page which says “Pick an account” , just if I click on the account manually it can go ahead.
Is there a way to click on that or even record that step in code?

Hi @SnehajitDas ,

My suggestion for your question don’t go with Ui automation to autoamte sharepoint.

Instead of that go with Microsoft 365 activities it would help you to download the files from sharepoint and upload the files into sharepoint. please review the below youtube video it contains the steps to automate the SharePoint using UiPath Microsoft 365 activites.

I wont be able to use graph api activities, is there a way using sharepoint activities to handle the situation?

@radu_bucur @Diana_Mincu , is there a solution to the issue?
I am able to click on that pop up after the 1st attempt to do a getfile fail and then in 2nd attempt I am getting the file. This worked for 2-3 times.
Now I am getting pop up again in the 2nd attempt as well.