Error occured in sharepoint

an error occured while download the folder from sharepoint

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Hey @guptasweb

Which activity are you using for this ?

Could you please show some screenshots if possible

Thank you

i m using simple click activity
Process Flowchart.xaml (78.6 KB)
will u pls rectify it

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Hey @guptasweb

Okay you are using UI Automation?

Could you please explain the issue with screenshots?


Hello @guptasweb ,

What’s the requirement here? Are you just trying to download the files from Sharepoint?

There are lot of activities provided by Uipath to automate the Sharepoint. It works in the backedn and not in the front end. Suggesting you to use those activities instead of front-end automation.

Please Go to manage package->search sharepoint(Download Microsoft Office 365 package). You can use Get File/Folder activity.

If you still want to go with UI automation, please try to do a debugging using Step Into and verify in which steps its failing. Plz enable Highlight element also.

but the requirement is to use only click activity…

Can you try to do a debugging using StepInto and check in which step its failing

Is that particular element found inside the Application scope? Is it possible to share the project here if possible?

Also, did you try recording the steps using App/Web browser? It will give you more reliable selectors with Anchors.

Process Flowchart.xaml (78.6 KB)
have a look and pls tell me where i am wrong.

Hello @guptasweb ,

Your script worked fine in my machine. What you need to do is, if you have already logged into the sharepoint plz logout and reexecute. As there is an existing account already logged in, during execution signin page is not coming.

Else during execution click on login with another account.

whenever i run the project everytime i log out…so for login page what i need to do??

will u pls tell me wht type of changes i need to do?


What you can do is Add an “Element Exists” activity for SignIn button. It will be outputting a Boolean value.

Then add a If condition, and check that boolean variable is True or false. If its True, click on Signin button and Proceed the normal flow. Else click on “use another Account” button and follow the normal steps.