Hyperlink as display text expression


I am using adddata row for activity status column passing below expression to pass hyperlink as display text where it opens a picture when click on it from excel report.

expression as “=HYPERLINK(”“http://ftpdocs.myurl.jobs/Automation/”" + Path.GetFileName(images), ““Click Here for ERROR””)"

images = “\ITHQ-QA-WEB\Automation\screenshot " + DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy.MM.dd ‘at’ HH.mm.ss”) + “.png”
url = “=HYPERLINK(”“http://ftpdocs.myurl.jobs/Automation/” + Path.GetFileName(images) + “””, ““CLICK HERE FOR ERROR””)"

It worked before but now giving me below error as Path is ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types "system.IO, DocumentFormat.OpenXML.Drawing’.
I am taking screenshot during runtime and saving output path as images.
Can you please help correct this expression


Can you try to add System.IO. before Path.GetFileName, as the following?

url = "=HYPERLINK(""http://ftpdocs.myurl.jobs/Automation/" + System.IO.Path.GetFileName(images) + """, ""CLICK HERE FOR ERROR"")"