How to display a variable as hyperlink text?

I read an excel for a cell, say A2 and assign the value to variable var1.

Let’s say var1 = ‘,.com’.

I can display the outlook email body as
"Please click on " + var1

But I would like the email to display var1 as hyperlink text so that reader could just click on it. I declare var1 as string. Is there another variable type or any method to display avriable as hyperlink? Thanks ! (19.0 KB)
Hi @Kindergarden,

I have created a workflow based on your requirement.

Please make sure that the Html body should be selected.

If it is really solve your answer Please mark this as solution


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Thanks @Mohansadaiyapillai.

I have created using the send outlook mail activity and also checked on the IsBodyHTML. it is not showing. I declared the var1 as string. Any idea why it is not working in outlook ? Thanks !

Hi @Kindergarden,

The same is showing in send outlook activity also buddy.


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Thanks @Mohansadaiyapillai!

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