Human in loop

  1. Apart from action center (due to licensing cost per user), do we have options for this problem statement: Send not recognized documents (low accuracy) to human in loop and start process again after human’s feedback during unattended automation.

@Sonalk if you use automation cloud there is no limitation of licenses for users to access the action center (as far as I know).

Hi @Sonalk,
You can always get a 60 days enterprise trial in your community version. I have done it for 3-4 times in the same account which covers 180-240 days.
Go to your uipath cloud->Admin->Licenses->Request for enterprise trial and you can use 60 days trial.

Here I already have the trial going on so that Request for enterprise trial isn’t there for me but you will have it and access it.

Other then action center humans loop will be possible through putting message boxes but that is not a good practice so, using action center is best option.

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Shubham Dutta

@PeCour : If i am giving access to business users in our enterprise. Do i need to bear licensing cost of action center per user to give them access to validate documents in action center.

@Sonalk if you use the automation cloud enterprise version there is no additional license cost.

@PeCour @Sonalk @Shubham_Dutta Automation Cloud Enterprise doesn’t guarantee the Action Centre license. It depends what licensing plan you purchased. Please find the details at If you are happy to process documents one by one sequentially, you can use a Present Validation Station without using Action Center. But it will be an attended process.

Thanks @jamesjacobsydney : I completly agree on your comments about licensing.
Objective is to use human feedback in unattended automation. I came to know that there is licensing requirement for business users to access pending documents via Action Center.
So, i am looking for options for this problem statement.

Action center is for human in the loop validation. This step occurs once a document has processed through 1. OCR, 2.Extraction 3. Post Extraction validation.

If you don’t want action center, you will have to do your level best to make sure you have the best OCR engine, use the best extraction for your document and use adequate post extraction validation.

I don’t see a need why you’d want to loop this, because an OCR and extraction scope gives you the same results every time.

So your best approach is to do above steps to ensure you’re getting the maximum quality of extraction.