AI Center - Can I train the Document Training in Cloud Orchestrator without Workflow design?

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario, initially, I have to train 100 documents in (ML custom model).
I know we can train it, through workflow creation

Are there any options in cloud orchestrator to train the documents without creating workflows?

And one more question on the Action Center

We can add multiple users to assign the pending task.
Is there any extra license required to add multiple users?
What is the maximum limit to add the users?

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hey @SrenivasanKanna

i saw something similar, go check this

and for your questions i dont know at all, maybe @Lahiru.Fernando would help us


Hi @SrenivasanKanna ,

As you have mentioned it is your own ML Custom Model that is being used. You should also know the format of Datasets being used.

Hence, In the Datasets Section of AI Center you could upload the Datasets required and Create a Training Pipeline for the ML Model.

If you are already able to train the Model using the Workflows, It would mean you are already using the Dataset for the Model. You could just Check the Datasets format, and use it accordingly for Future Training of Pipeline in AI Center.

Normally, We would require Number of Named user Licenses as per the Number of Users that access the Action Center.

Although we should be able to Use a Group Based Licensing. Not really sure about it as we were not able to test the License feature.
More about the Licensing is provided below :

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