Hello UiPath Experts,

Need help on Integration Services.

Created an Office365 connection ‘Mail Activities’ within Integration Services using the Robot service account. The Robot role assigned to robot service account was also modified to give additional folder level permissions of view for ‘Connections’. Still the below error is received when the robot is running automations in unattended mode trying to leverage the connections within an activity called ‘Get Email List’.
message: Code : ErrorInvalidMailboxItemId Message: Item ‘AQMkADIwNjU1ADdmOS05YmE3LTQxNzAtYmY5NC1jMzk1YmM0YTE5ZTQALgAAA9q986UuhPNGgmbVJzwesRUBAAOTy6NCoy1IvWRoDxk47UAAAAIBDAAAAA==’ doesn’t belong to the targeted mailbox ‘a4fcb078-34d9-4284-9b8a-6d9972799d04’. ClientRequestId: eff63c55-e647-41c3-948d-ce456b92b5de

Hello @anish.ashturkar ,

May I know from which folder you are trying to Get.

As per below link, Archive folder is not supported.