Http Request Wizard error

Hello, guys.

I’m trying to make a Http Request to POST a pdf file in the web page.

I put some parameters and an attachment and I got an error like this:

HTTP Request Wizard Error

There is already a parameter named sourcefile.
Please choose a different value

I’m using UiPath Studio v. 2018.1.2
Web Activity Package v. 1.4

Thank you in advance.

Hi @mer,

If you have possibility of sharing your xaml file, please upload

Hello, I had the same error!
I did a little video to show how it happens!!
The bug is very simple to reproduce
Consequently, I cannot test my http request with an attachment

I would be glad if you could take a look.

PS: I’m working on Studio 2019.10.2
UiPath.Web.Activities 1.4.4