HTTP Request to BIM360 Forge GET ends with "Token is not provided in the request"

I use the HTTP Request activity. There I set the End point to “” and the Authentication to a valid Token. But it says to me

“Token is not provided in the request.”

What? How can that be? When I send the same request in Postman it works out properly with that token. Does someone has experience about this maybe?

Full Preview response is:

“developerMessage”: “Token is not provided in the request.”,
“moreInfo”: “”,
“errorCode”: “AUTH-010”

Ok so I added the name Authorization with value Bearer eyJhbG... to the HttpHeader. Now I get this one instead:

  "code": 1004,
  "message": "this account doesn't exist."

Even tho I added the account_id the the parameter list. Strange thing…

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So this one with URLSegment does not work::expressionless:

But giving it directly in the URL works properly::roll_eyes:

Is the replacement of account_id wrong? What is my issue?