HTTP Request - The proxy server isn't responding

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to call a webservice with HTTP Request from UiPath Studio, and it works great from my computer, but when we want to put it on a server that’s using a proxy, it constantly gets a ‘StatusCode’=0.

I’ve checked if I can reach that service from a browser. The interesting thing is that Firefox can get a response, while IE11 gets “The proxy server isn’t responding” message.

Have you faced a similar issue? Do you have any ideas on what we should check either between the proxy settings, or what we should do within UiPath/Runtime Resources to make it work?

Thank you!

Robot will use the same proxy as your machine/user. So make sure you can access from IE.

Firefox has it’s own proxy management and most likely you have only thia configured. Robot will not be able to get this configuration.

Thank you, it seems like that the cipher that is used by the TLS certificate is not compatible with the current windows version.

If you know an alternate solution for that aside from updating the windows, please let me know.

Alexandru Roman via UiPath Community Forum <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. júl. 1., Csü 8:13):