Check the URL status code



Hi team,

I am new to uipath. I have created a simple workflow which checks the availability of the url whether it is valid or not. some of the url’s I am able to access in my browser but it throwing the result as proxy authorization required here we are used our organization proxy. I have used http request activity to get the status code and description.
URL Status code Description 504 Unknown Host 407 Proxy Authorization Required

http://localhost/ 407 Proxy Authorization Required



@Florent_Salendres I quite like this approach - can you help :slight_smile:


It looks like your internet access is going trough a proxy which also requires authentication.
This is effectively a .Net issue which could be resolve using UseDefaultCredential = true with the http request object.

Maybe you can have a look on the following posts and try to reproduce the examples with Invoke code using either HTTPResquest or webclient (AFAIK UiPath activity for HTTP request do no offer possibility to usedefaultCredentials)