HTTP REQUEST | REST Does not accept pipe vertical bar "|"

Hi all,

Robot is sending HTTP request which includes “|” in the end point. How can I send this successfully? According to online articles REST request does not accept “|” character so need to use “%7C” or “||” as a replacement. Both approaches have failed so can you advise on a solution. Currently 404 exception is returned since the API URL fails ("|" character is interpreted as new line)

can you try:

Hi, what kind of variable do I assign this value to? Or do I have to edit it during runtime?

I would place it directly where you had placed the url string

Is http utility a dependency or Import? getting this error image

give try on import

Thanks got it. I am now getting the error “HTTP Request: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.”. I’ll try to use url encode around the pipe delimeter only

lets try entire URL(its quick done)
there a re lot of Rest APIs not allowing the | (also grayzone in some rfc)

Also crosscheck if | is avoidable for this API
Maybe you can share more details about your case and which endpoint you are using. Thanks

encoding the entire URL is causing this error - HTTP Request: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined. the client confirmed they don’t have an alternative to “|” character. Original string: Upgrade|Consumer, After Encoding: Upgrade%7cConsumer. Is UiPath interpreting %7c as a different string?

give a check on an alternate tool like post man or powershell to check if the API is really accepting the pipe (feel free to tell us which api you are using)

also give a try on using it after the protocol part like: