Problems with HTTP Request

I’m new to UIPath and I’m having problems with the HTTP Request activity. I have a simple sequence.

sequence > HTTP Request > Message Box

I’m pulling data from a ‘service now’ api and only selecting active entries. When I run the preview from the HTTP Request Wizard, it returns the correct results.

I’ve set the result output to variable ‘res’ and StatusCode ‘scode’

in the message box input i put ‘scode.ToString’ and get a text box pop up displaying 200, which is correct.
I change the message box to variable ‘res’ and the robot stops responding and eventually times out with no error.

The message box is just a test to make sure the data is correct before I start to write scripts around the data pulled. So I’m stuck at the first hurdle

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Hi ,
If you can add a “write text file” activity and put the “res” variable into the “text to be quoted” field then you can able to check whether the output result is correct or not .