HTTP Request POST multiple items in body

Hi, I’m trying to POST 250k rows of data form excel file (uploaded to dataTable) to Table on Azure Blob with HTTP Request UiPath activity.
The problem is looping through 250k items it takes hours to POST all rows.
Do you know if it’s possible to somehow change JSON Body property.

Is it possible to loop through 250k rows in datatable and create one JSON with 250k entries and POST all 250k items by one HTTP POST request?

There is body of POST HTTP request for each row in dataTable, after each row HTTP request is send to server and everything is ok, status 201.


There is a limit for HTTP calls

Even if there was no limit, I would not recommend doing this. Depending on the capacity of the server, you could cause problems with the infrastructure of this server.

Could you explain your scenario better?

As I understand it you need to send 250k of content to some website, will you have that amount of items recurrently?

Do you have access to the database of this Site?

Every month I’m calculating one KPI via macro.
To calculate this KPI I got report from SAP (200-250k of rows) and macro is calculating it.
Then I need to upload report (all 200-250k of rows) with recently calculated details etc to the table on MS Blob and PowerBI is configured to calculate KPI and create charts from uploaded set of data.
I’ve read about batching HTTP requests, I it possible to implement similar/same thing in UiPath?

Does your Azure Blob instance support a single request with multiple rows? If so, then it’s easy to supply the entire request body JSON to the HTTP Request activity. If not, there’s nothing the activities can do to help.

I’m not sure if my Blob support such case but I will test it. As far as I know my JSON string should be amended to post multiple rows.
Can somebody help me and write an example how JSON body string should looks like while posting single request with multiple rows?

If 1st row is:

and 2nd row is:


How JSON body should looks like in one HTTP request? (with 2 rows from above, lets assume that my variables are already set and stored as a strings)

Such example would be really useful.