Checks put in place for HTTP Request Activity for POST Method in Excel file

I have a workflow runs every half a day, using an excel template format, it will update via HTTP Post Request activity into web API a certain set values against the respective new IDs created of each of the product. Each new IDs created are unique and should only appear once, however is there a check to put in place for the below scenario in the event there’s a repeat of IDs generated in subsequent attempt in the excel template format.

Is there a way to add in a set of conditions - the psuedo code is to check IF an ID, which was already previously posted via http request activity POST method before into web API via an earlier run of the UiPath script, such that and should the same ID upon 2nd attempt of running the script is attempting to post via http request activity POST method another set of values of the same ID in to web API? If so, could a log file be auto generated as a result to inform the user of this duplicate update?

Thank you so much in advance if you could help me out with this.