HTTP Request missing output Result

Hello, I have this HTTP Request activity and I need one of the HTTP Request Properties the Result, but as you can see in the picture there is no Result output. How can I get the Result value? Deserializing to XML doesn’t work as Result contains binary code of document.

what about the Output: Response Attachment ?

Response attachment value is null. Do you have any ideas why there is no Result output available?

Sometimes this activity is surprising

A general RnD Flow is:

  • modell the call with POSTMAN
  • map working POSTMAN settings to HTTP request
  • test HTTP Request
  • When it is not working then provide feedback (e.g. here forums feedback category)

When it is confirmed, that there is a HTTP Request limitation / issue, then try to model it as custom with the HTTPClient Approach from .Net

Or maybe you have any ideas how it would be possible to retrieve the binary code in Result property?

I am also wondering about the Http Request activity.

When you create process in the windows legacy. you can be able to see the properties of the activity like.

But when you create the project in Windows. I could not able to see the the properties. The thing is searching output response. Even though If I click the Advanced Optoins. It is happening only in the version of 1.15.0 - Preview. But in the version 1.13.3 . It is working well.


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