Issues with http request

Hi everyone,
I am working in a proyect where i need to use HTTP request, one month ago the proyect work pretty good, but today when i try to do the HTTP request this activity dont get nothing to the endpoint. (Postman works good with the endpoint)
I tried with other endpoints, these are the results:
This works perfect.
But this does not works.

This is the workflow:

These are the Dependencies:

The output when does not works show this.

If anyone can help me i will thank you forever <3

If you use the Result property, the amount of data returned might be too much to output with a Log Message activity.
In that case, it’s better to either use the ResourcePath property to save the result to a file or to just manipulate the result directly in memory.
Please check this example that uses the second URL you sent: (2.7 KB)

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