Get HTTP Response Headers for HTTP Request activity


I need your support with a REST call using HTTP Request activity (from API Integration -> Web). How do I get the response headers for a REST call?

As you may see in the picture enclosed, for API Integration -> Web -> HTTP Request activity for Output section (REST call response) the only available response data are (1) response code and (2) response body. I don’t see any explicit option available in HTTP Request activity to read the HTTP Response headers.

As a final note, I would like to mention that I’m using UIPath Studio 2018.2.1 CE.

Thank you!

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@plishu I hope this video helps you

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thanks @indra!

this is not what I’m looking for, I need a way to get the response headers from a REST call. in the video you shared with me, only response code and response body are available.

hello someone to find a solution to this, I need the same get the response of the header to get some values ​​of cookies

@plishu Did you got the solution for this?

@Francisco_Benavides Any luck on this?

@plishu any luck on fetching cookie details?

Does anybody have a solution to capture the response header values for a HTTP request activity ? please let us know


You can get the Response Headers from the HTTP Request Activity ,
where the variable will be of dictionary type

In order to retrieve data from all the output response headers you can use a for each activity ,This will print all the output headers.


Then if you choose to get values from any one particular key values from the dictionary

you can use opHeader.ElementAt(4).Key+" is " +opHeader.ElementAt(4).Value

where 4 is the index of the dictionary value, you can choose any number here for the index depending on what header value you require , where index starts from zero .Hope this answers to your question!
Happy Automating!