HTTP Request Error- 308 (Permanent Redirect)

Hi guyz, I have to aitomate one process in which i have to use HTTP Request.
So, when i am hitting an endpoint am getting error 308 i.e permanent redirect error.
And at the same time same endpoint is working in postman.
Have anyone idea on this, whsat’s going wrorng in UiPath.

Please help!!!
Thank you in advance.


Did you copy the curl from postman and used it?

Or did you try to reconfigure

Can you try with copying curl and import please

Also foes the request need any proxy ?


I did not used Curl from postman, i just configured the same way in UiPath by put Endpoint and Authorization token and in postman i am doing the same but its working on postman but not in UiPath


What is the content you are sending?


Let me check if you can you share the curl with test data ?