HTTP Request - a Checkbox to disable automatically redirects


When i click this Sign In button on browser

Its automaticly sends 2 request (first : 1 post, second 1 get)

When i do this with uipath http request, only “get request (200 status)” headers will shown me. But i need “post request’s (302 status)” headers to get token. So i need to do this without redirects or i need to take header before redirect. Reviewing the documentation for UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.HttpClient there is no option to disable the following of the redirection. So may be add a checkbox to properties window to disable the redirect.


As discussed, @AhmetALTIN I’m trying to explore and deep dive into this. Will post if something comes up.

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Hey Nithinkrishna,

Thanks you are my last hope m8 :slight_smile:
I’m also trying this way, but not works


Thanks for the report, I’ll save this in our issues tracker to see if there is something we could do here.

Otherwise, it might be necessary to code your own request in the meantime using the Invoke Code activity :confused: