HTTP Request: Endpoint = complete or part of a variable

Hi Guys,

I actually trying to generate my HTTP Request Endpoint by a variable. But actually i running in a Problem that i get an error message that the URI is not valid.
It is possible to generate the HTTP endpoint completly or in parts by one or more variables?


Found it. Sorry for the post.


hi @TimoC

Will you please share with all so if in near future some others will get stuck they can find anything useful info for them.


Hi Aksh,

The URL from the endpoint has to been fix (as far i test it). May be there is a possibility to work with variables but the logfiles arent detailed enough to find the real reasons.
My Workaround (that worked for me) use following circumstances:

  1. Generate Datatable
  2. Generate variables
  3. Import the csv file into the datatable
  4. Generate a for each Loop
  5. HTTP Request

In the HTTP Request you can use the variables in Parameters and URL Segments.
An Example from you JSON Example Video:,uk must be fix
/data /2.5 / weather? could be URL Segments that can be generated through variables
q=London,UK could be a variable trough the Parameters Settings.