HTTP Request parameters giving errors

I am trying to use the CDC api in my automation project. I keep getting this error which I have printed in a message box to find my problem. I am attaching my endpoint, parameters, the message box with the error when outputting the resulting JSON string, and what the same endpoint shows when I run it in postman.

I have already tried to put my parameters in the URL segment instead of in the parameters which then gives me a different error due to the same variable being defined elsewhere. I tried changing those and inputting them which ended up giving me the same exact error message.

I do not know what else to try so thanks for any help figuring this out.

error postman

Can u put the endpoint in string format

Like create the variable for State, Beginning, Ending and then concatenate the endpoint with the varaible like.manual string manipulation

for eg

"β€œ+State+”&$where=submission_date between β€œ+Beginning+” and "+Ending

Where State, Beginning, Ending are varaible created for string respective values

Try this way

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Thanks for the response. I tried changing it like you suggested and I am now getting a different error showing up which I have attached here.
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Screenshot 2020-11-26 213716

Hi @Nicole_Holden can i try that url?

Go for it I got it from the CDC website for a group project.

Like can u tell the parameter values?

My variables are State=β€œTX”, Beginning=β€œ2020-11-19”, Ending=β€œ2020-11-26”. Sorry I didn’t think to include them.


I am too also getting same error
I think it is an sql query right ?

Because for SQL query we mostly write like this

Select * from table where …

I think here u haven’t mention the name of table

I believe this is a filter but I am not sure as I am using an online api. But I do know that this endpoint works with these parameters as I tested it using postman. From the api docs one of the suggested filters is: json?submission_date=2020-01-22T00:00:00.000.

I looked at it again and it is a SoQL query and found that the way to connect 2 conditions in the query is connecting it with β€œAND” instead of β€œ&”. Making this change gets rid of the error but only gives an empty array.

@Nicole_Holden Can you make sure the parameter that you are providing is same as the key present. Such as β€œState” should actually be β€œstate”

It seems to work if you surround the date values with apostrophes (ex: β€˜2020-11-19’).
The ampersand (&) is used for defining the URL, not for the SOQL query.

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Thanks for the help I have never encounter SOQL queries before. I did not know anything with computers or coding before this summer so I’m still learning a lot every day.

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