HTTP request showing empty end point when a variable is added in the URL

I want to include a variable in the end point url, but whenever i include the variable, the end point in the http request shows empty, please find the SS below:

the variable has the correct value which i need to pass in the url

Hi, @Tata_Subramanian First check if your are getting a response when you hardcode your variable value in http request activity.

Try to pass “access_token” as parameter or header and endpoint as “http://www.strava/api/v3/athlete/activities

@Tushar_Karkera yes thats coming

@vaibhavinnovation79 tried adding parameter but the value is getting passed like this:

How you are able to open http request wizard second time . As per rule you need to follow below steps:

1.Invoke Http request activity
2.Setup api in wizard(open only once while invoke acitivity)
3.You can setup edit remaining setup using property panel.

In your case you can easily add variable in endpoint variable as you did in property panel so don’t need to check again in wizard. You also need to check how you need to access you request by using parameter ,header and type of authentication you used for your api(check authentication dropdown in wizard)

You can check the documentation as well for the same.
HTTP Request (

the problem here is the end point or the parmaters are not accepting a variable rather “a hard coded” value is accepted.

so how do i enter a variable here?
whenever a variable is passed it returns visual basic value

Close the http request wizard and try to add the variable in properties of http request activity. Then try to run the code with the activity directly and check the result ,status code(output result of activity).

did that but the value of the variable is not coming.

it is taking some value which i dont udnerstand, the actual value of the varable is a code in string format which is not coming here

Can you try to degrade your package .Also let me know your package version so i will check issue on my end as well.

thanks i downgraded the web package from v.1.9.3 to v.1.9.1. Now its perfectly working!!! Thanks for the suggestion

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