HTTP Request - Boolean Parameters

Hi Guys,

I Have workflow is using HTTP request for API Call.

I add some parameters on it. But there is one problem. I have parameter like name is filter_taks : True . When I try to add on htpp request parameters section ı can add only string value for it.

How can ı add boolean parameter for this filter_tasks.

I need boolean type for filter_tasks parameter. How can ı add boolean type for it.

Thanks for help !


Like this

Hi Burak,

image doesn’t load for me.
Have you tried just sending the boolean as a string? Most systems parse the string in the HTTP Request back to boolean in their backend.


Hi Mate,

I’m trying send string to boolean actualy. My parameter in Http request like this ;

filter_tasks : Value = “true” but ı cant change type boolean on parameter.

I cant change type on parameter . How can ı change it ?


What is the type of filter_taks?

type : string. I need to create it as a boolean


Try this