How to manipulate the data that needs to be passed in http request

Hi Team,

I am passing the id’s in HTTP request and in response I get true or false for these id’s. I want to get false value for 1 of the id. how do I do it?

Please help me resolve this issue

Hi @sneha_arbole,

where do you send the HTTP request to? Do you use an API that returns TRUE/FALSE depending on your IDs as input values?


Yes i get true or false depending on my id’s as input

So where is the problem? You are already getting TRUE/FALSE depending on your IDs?

I want false to one of the id to get my output file created. as I am getting the response for all the id’s as true for now

I then suggest changing the code of your API, so that it responds with FALSE for a particular ID.

How do i manipulate the code so that i can get false response?

That depends on how your API is implemented. Do you have access to the code that is behind the API? What programming language is the API written in?

Used C#

At the point in your C# code where you return TRUE add an if-statement and check for the ID you want to return FALSE for.

if (str_ID.equals("<ID you want to return FALSE for>"))
        return FALSE;
        return TRUE;