OAuth Token Redirect

I’m going through the documentation for authenticating APIs (About OData and References)

In this there is a part where you go to the website to login, which returns an authorization code for getting the Tokens. Part of this has a redirect uri. If I replace the value of this with something that’s not the account.uipath.com I get an unauthorised client - call back mismatch not in the list of allowed callbacks.

Is there a way to register applications with UIPath or add to the callback list? Is there another alternative to automate (with a user logging in) this part of the process?


Hi @dcardnell

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I believe our team is working on improving the Orchestrator API experience. The current solution is a make shift way to allow our users to still use the API after the Community Orchestrator was integrated under the Cloud Platform (which is in public preview).

Hello, is there any update about this topic?

Hi @Rina_Selmani

The authentication flow was indeed improved since then. You can reference the latest guide here:
Consuming Cloud API

Is there any article where it describes ho can I integrate uipath in my application, like adding sign in with uipath which will redirect me to uipath login and after that I will get token?

Update on this topic would be very much appreciated.

I want to use VBA Excel to query the API.

Any suggestion how to manage an excel vba as external application?
What to put in to redirect_uri for external applications?

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Hi there,

did you ever learn what to do for the redirect_uri? I’m trying to use VBA as well

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