HTML to Outlook mail, single quote(') displaying as special character

Hi People,

I have a html document that contains some name with Single quotes(’).
Eg. uiforum’s.

When trying to send this html file through send outlook mail task, we are receiving it as a special character in the inbox.
Eg: uiforum�s.

Any suggestions?
Attached the html doc.Mail.html (42.6 KB)

looks diferent than bruno's maybe what you have there is not really an apostrophe char…

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Might be, but when i tried to write it manually, still it is not taking ’ .but it is writing it as ’ in html doc.

If you are sending that file as an attachment, then it is the one who views it that is making it a special character… i open it here with no problems…

No, i’m not sending it as an attachmemnt, It will be the email body.

Then you were not very clear before :slight_smile: Try like this when you set your body:

I have tried this but it is not working.Mailtype2.html (42.5 KB)

that is a function my friend… it is not to go inside your html, but to encode one…

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Could you please guide me here how to proceed like any sample bot if possible, i’m a begginer in UiPath.


Yeah, i have tried this even. no luck.