Outlook message with complex body format - HTML style single qoutes

I get an Error for the single quotes used in the HTML code below

Error Msg:


Pls enclose your string having double quotes with three double quotes like this
β€œβ€β€œur stringβ€β€œβ€

And whenever you are using big string try to concatenate them part by part with + symbol in between
Which will help you identify the error spot

For an idea

DoubleQuotedString.xaml (4.9 KB)

Cheers @Badreldin_Abaza

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Hi @Badreldin_Abaza

Check whether in the properties that you have enabled IsbodyHtml Option!

And Enclose the codes with double quotes.


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Hello Abaza,

If you have possiblity to edit html try to put \ sign to Calibri . Like this β€œ"Calibri"”

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