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Hello everyone,

i have a process that generates link and i want to create a form for every link generated, i want to create a html element “” that can redirect the user to the generated link.

i have passed the URL variable as an argument to the “Create Form Task” activity ,
am just not able to put the variable in the “href” property of the element.

any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Mahdi_Rabaa,

The way you are passing URL as an Argument into Create Form Activity is correct.

Your need to use an HTML Element for achieving this. Please refer to below screenshot for details:


Hope it helps. Please mark this as resolved if it resolves your query. Do let me know if any further help is needed.

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Hi, @RShimpukade :slight_smile: I tried this and it worked great for links. I also tried for a local image, but it worked only with the path hardcoded there, at the value of the attribute src. It does not work with {{data.imgPath}}, where imgPath is the field key, given as an input argument… do you have any idea how it could work for images?

Actually, the image does not appear in the task, not with the hardcoded path, it shows only in the preview…

If your image is not very big in size you can encode it to base64 and add image information to the start of the encoded string:

imageBase64 = "data:image/png;base64, " + Convert.ToBase64String(File.ReadAllBytes(imageFilePath))

After that assign the string to src attribute. Do not forget to toggle this checkbox in your html component:

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Thanks a lot, I managed eventually by converting the image. With the pdf it is still not working, neither with local pdf nor with http link. Do you know if this part is still in development or do you know how to add a pdf to a form task?

@diana.prisecaru, did you try saving the pdf to so called bucket storage component of UIPath Orchestrator? That way you can display the pdf. Create new storage, upload a file and then reference the file in the storage in Create Task From:

Hey bros, you can try to use file Component under advance controls section in the form designer

hi @andrey.egorov! how this reference looks inside the form? I need to use this reference to the file uploaded in the storage bucket in an HTML element. thanks in advance!