HTML Code to Normal Text without missing Alignments

how to convert the html code into text and without missing any alignment and styles (for example bold, bullet,colours and fonts) ? could any one help me on this ???

Hi @VennuSantosh

I believe it is only possible if your text file’s extension ends with ‘.html’ or htm.

Otherwise you’ll get gibberish HTML code in simple text file because I faced same challenge while ago.

@VennuSantosh, which activity are you using to read the HTML file?

i am read it with the read text file and storing in the string and tryed apply regex but there is no use jst getting the Normal Content but not style(bullets ,bold fonts) @monsieurrahul @AMRITANShlal

Try to use AgilityPack.

refer below link
Agility Pack
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@VennuSantosh, try this workflow: HTMLToText.xaml (4.0 KB)