Html add link button

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Do you refer to a text which when clicked redirects you to the webpage?

In this case you can use:
“<a href=”+““+”>Click here </ a>”

The text “Click here” has a hiperlink related to Google page. If you want the link to appear you can replace the text with the link.

Can u create variable for link?

Yes, you can store the link inside a variable.
As shown in the example:


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Why u add plus? Thank u your solution

“+” is used to concatenate two strings, the HTML text and our variable which is of type string. Regards!

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CAN U HELP ME for example row 0 include mailLink row 1 include “please click link” cau u make workflow? ıt should work for each row in exceel ? if u want create variable…


After reading the sheet you can use for each row and assign activity like below

The example is for the case when you want to send a mail for each row.

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Did u try this ? The image of each news should be one under the other with its explanation.

That is

Image row (1).tostring
Image row (1).tostring

In this case you can use

And for images you can check


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Can u share excel sheet thank u so much for everythng u are great robot master.

I haven’t created an Excel sheet.
I only used the Read Range activity to suggest how to manage your situation.

Thank you!

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row 0 include link for button
row 1 title
row 2 include images url

but there is problem can u help me?

hw.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Could u create above robot?

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