Insert link in Outlook email using HTML open editor

I have a process that generates a new file every time and the file name (with path) is saved in a separate xlsx file. Need to send out email with the link to the new file daily. Is there a way to copy the link from the xlsx file into Outlook? I know how to do this if I keep the email body in text, but can I do the same thing if the email body is in HTML? If so, how? I don’t know anything about HTML coding but I can learn.

Yes u can do that

I am assuming that file path is a link

Then u can use href attribute of html for adding the link


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Thank you. Can you please show me an example how I can insert the file link from the spreadsheet into HTML with href?

<A HREF="">Click me</a>
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Thank you for the example. What I need to insert is the link to a file that changes name every day. More like C:\Users\Desktop\DailyReport_07232021.xlsx

“07232021” will change depending on today’s date. I have also saved this link in a separate file, like cell A1 in C:\Users\Desktop\MasterFile.xlsx

So put that file path into the HREF property.

If you’re getting it dynamically then it’ll be stored in a variable and you’d do…

"<A HREF='" + myFile + "'>Click me</a>"

How do I store the link as a variable? and can I show the actual dynamic link in text too, instead of “click me”?
I know I have lots of questions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you’re not sure how to store something as a variable, you should take some basic programming classes and go through the UiPath training.