How to add url as hyperlink to the variable


Need help in adding URL as hyperlink to the variable, is there a way to achieve this?


Hi @Mohammed_Umar_Farooq

  1. you can create a string variable named “URL” to hold the URL.
  2. Use the “Assign” activity to assign the URLto the variable “url”.
  3. Use the “Assign” activity to create a new string variable that contains the HTML code for the hyperlink. Use the below expression:
    ” + url + “
  4. This expression concatenates the value of the “url” variable with the HTML code for the hyperlink.
  5. Use the “Assign” activity to assign the HTML code to a new variable. For example, you can create a string variable named “htmlCode” and assign the HTML code to it.

Hi Nitya1,

Thanks for the quick response!

But let me explain in more details:

I need to make the string as hyperlink and do not have much knowledge on html part.


Hi @Mohammed_Umar_Farooq

You can use a href attribute to convert your string as a hyperlink. Look at this syntax:

<a href="HyperLink_Address">Your String<a>

Ex: <a href="">Google</a>

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Hi Arjun,

Thanks for your response, I understood how to convert the string to hyperlink.

Could you also please let me know: " If i click on the string it should redirect me to the url"

Eg: “ABC-3232” is a string and when I click this string which is hyperlink, it should direct me to the url.



In that case, you can specify the redirection url in the href=" " part. Let’s say when you click on ABC-3232, it should be redirected to the url -, then you specify it like:

<a href="">ABC-3232</a>

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Thanks again Arjun,

I wanted to achieve this as in SS.

But when i do the same in UiPath I am getting whole string in the Output. Insteat of “ABC-3253”. Any thoughts plz.


@Mohammed_Umar_Farooq where are you trying to use this hyperlink?

Hi fasil,

I want to give the hyperlink value in one of the field of Automation hub using UiPath studio!

Hi @Mohammed_Umar_Farooq ,

Could you let us know what was the implementation done and how was it checked ?

Also, In reference to the above statement, do you have an example already of a Hyperlink that is available in the Automation Hub, maybe you could check the content or if possible you could provide us with a Screenshot so that we can confirm on how you would require the hyperlink.

Sure Arpan.

The details are below:

I assigned “html” variable with below value:

And i am trying to send this variable through an API post method to Automation hub!

Output is like this in SS

But I am expecting only “google” as hyperlink in Jira Automation field of Automation Hub.

Please let me know if you are clear with my requirement.



Since you are trying to sending it via API Post Method, provide the string that you want to convert as a hyperlink in the body of the request, along with the other required parameters. Try something like this:

  "name": "Test Hyperlink",
  "description": "Hyperlink for Google redirection",
  "content": "<a href="">Google</a>",
  "contentType": "text/html"

content field contains the string that you want to convert to a hyperlink. The contentType field specifies the type of content, which is text/html in this case.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

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i will add more The syntax you provided is the HTML markup for creating a hyperlink.
Here is breakdown
"href"web address that the hyperlink will navigate to “Your String” This is the text or content that will be displayed as the clickable link.
Something like that <a href="HyperLink_Address">Your String</a> .
On other hand you may verify your URL on to get detail redirection chain and its status code and much more deep information