Extracting the selector information from uipath packages

Hi All ,
to valiate the bot or atleast to do documentation , is there any tool or anyway to extract all the selectors used in the project.
eg : i/p should be the package :
out put should be a table having workflow name , activity name and selector used . the tool am saying can do so many things but to begin with this is my basic expectation

can you make your question wide ??


u mean , its not clear ? or like some more change you are suggesting ?

May be am not clear your Question.

Something like this are you looking for: RPA Components - Bundles, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace ?

ah ! nono , i think i am not clear with my question. lets say i finished my project. from now this bot will be running in production daily. say two years later some issue happens . if i have handled the exception properly it will say which work flow has thrown error and which activity has thrown it.
now if have a document with list of selectors used in my project. in a tabular format like this
any developer in future will refer to the selector and see what is the issue with that by exploring the UI.

so my expectation is , once the project is completed this tool will take nupkg file as input and give output a table as mentioned above. usually a tool for code review should have all these capacities