Howto add multiple row from Datatable to other Datatable is existing data

want use data from filter data table add row to other datatable is data existing or datatable itself is data existing ( data is multiple row)

how to use function?

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try following:
filter datatable - output: dtFiltered
for each row: - item: row - DataTable: dtFiltered

  • add datarow : DataTAble: dtTarget, rowArray: row.itemArray

i need create datatable 1 more ?

you will handle by your choice. If you want to overwrite the origin datatable with the filter result then a third datatable is not used.

refering to your screenshots:
dtTarget = dt_op
dtFiltered = dtInput = dt_data_read_range

i used code

filter dt_old- output: dt_new
for each row: - item: row - DataTable: dt_new

  • add datarow : DataTAble: dt_new, rowArray: row.itemArray

i dont want to overwrite but want add raw for new data

please confirm:
dt_data_read_range is used for filter datatable and the output from filtering is: dt_data_read_range
all rows from filter result is to add to dt_op, right?

this can be done as described above

  • iterate over the filter result
  • add datarow : DataTable: dt_op, rowArray: row.itemArray

yes dt_op output or use dt_data_read_range to outout data as well

i want use data dt_op add raw for new data and keep old data

hava a look here as well. It will help you the get the basics

okay bro thx for help me :relaxed: