Copy row from one data table into another data table

Dear All,

I have 2 datatable
DT1 and Dt2…

I am using select query to find matching row from Dt2.
DT_Output = Dt2.Select("["+ ABC+"] =’"+ABC+"’ and ["+ Number +"]= ‘"+Number+"’" ).CopyToDataTable
now i want to take the value of dt_Output in every iteration to new datatable .

Please help me with this.

Please assist on this.

you want to copy every row from dt_output to a new DT or just some rows?

lets say you want to copy a row from dt1 to newDt

you can use add data row activity

for datatable argument write newDt
in ArrayRow write row.ItemArray

Actually DT_Output is placed inside for each loop, and everytime im only getting 1 row in DT_Output that is row(0), in next iteration the new row is being overwritten in the previous row that is row (0). so i want this row to be copied in a new data table.