Add data to datatable from multiple outputs

I used screen scraping 3 times to scrape out multiple data and now i want to add that data in one data table in same row but in different columns. How can i achieve that?

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Use Build DataTable activity and create one DataTable first. And then use Add DataRow activity to add rows to created DataTable.

Hi @Vaibhav_Gupta

This might be helpful to you.

Data Scraping

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Hi @lakshman

Thanks for replying.
I have output in three strings from screen scraping which needs to be added in the same datatable in different columns. How can we achieve that?

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Hi @pattyricarte,

Since i am working n terminal activities so data scrapping do not works there.

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In Add DataRow activity you have to pass like this under Array Row field.

   {"String 1","String 2","String 3"}

Thanks @lakshman

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