How update excel file located in onedrive?

I need to make updates to an Excel file that I have in my OneDrive folder. I can see and read a directory in my file explorer now that I have synced my OneDrive folder. However, due to a read-only problem, if I attempt to change the file, it creates a copy. How to resolve this problem. I have to make updates to the same Excel document.

Hi @abhijithp

Also you can map one drive as network drive where you can directly work on Excel.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @abhijithp,

When the bot is running, store all your data in a local file, and once the process is complete, move the final output file to Onedrive.

So instead of every update record sync, you can move the final output file at the end.

I hope this will help you.