How Uipath internally write xaml output file


I wanted to know understand:

  • how UiPath internally write xaml output file?
  • which class or functinality / nuget is used for this
  • UiPath dll available to use freely ?


Yes, XAML file is where Studio saves the grafical workflow.

I guess this is kind of UiPath know-how.

Hi @jivankumar.kedar

  1. UiPath internally writes XAML output files using its own serialization mechanism. When you publish a project from UiPath Studio, it generates an XAML file that represents the workflow. The XAML file contains the graphical representation of the workflow, along with the underlying activities, properties, and configurations.

  2. UiPath provides its own set of libraries and functionalities to handle the serialization and generation of XAML files. While the exact implementation details are not publicly disclosed, UiPath uses its internal components to translate the visual workflow design into the XAML format.

  3. Regarding the availability of UiPath DLLs for use, UiPath provides its software through licenses and subscriptions. The UiPath libraries and functionalities are part of the UiPath ecosystem and are not freely available as standalone DLLs.