How to write xml line break

Hi dear, I have a Excel which need to convert to xml. I use for each and invoke method to do this.
As the Excel file have thousands of items, I finally got a xml without line break so that the xml have a extremely long single line of code.
How can I add line break in the xml?

HI @Alondite04,

Refer this xaml file to Format the XML string to formatted xml string .
XMLFormat.xaml (8.7 KB)


Thank you @arivu96,I tried this but my file is too long (more than 5000 rows)so I failed with string. Is there another way ?

The xml file is written by xml writer in uipath by these steps:
read excel–new xml writer–invoke method(writeStartDocument)–
for each row :invoke(writeStartElement)-Invoke(writeElementString)–invoke(writeEndElement)–
invoke method(writeEndDocument)

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. You can use the XML for creating the sitemap. You can use the line break in XML BR Tag.If your Internet Explorer is not working properly then please contact Internet Explorer Customer Service for better solutions.