How to extract xml file and write inside the excel file on each colum

I have extracted the XML data and am able to read and able to see in my message box.
But what ever the data I have extarcted XML node value I want to write inside the excel file

As you can see in the above screenshot the data extracted i have assigned to a variable now all those data I need to write on coloumwise

Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M !
Alright, what is the wanted structure of your excel file ? Do you have a clear template in mind ?
You should create your excel template, that will be easier.

Convert the XML to a datatable, then write the datatable to an Excel file.

Yeah i did but how to write in excel?

I have used Build data table in that i have defined all the coloumns

If you already have a datatable, use write range to write down your datatable.
If you have an error, share with us your xaml file !

Main.xaml (21.6 KB)
Can you please check this each time when I run this am getting the last value from the loop and writing in excel
My output should be reading each value and write in each row now the same row value is overwriting i guess

What is the missing activity ?

Also, would you mind sending us an xml file to run the bot ?
Finally, did you put a breakpoint here and checked if the bot gets inside the loop ?

Don’t loop through the datatable and then use the Write Range inside the loop.

Just use Write Range on its own, give it the datatable. Write Range writes all the rows from the datatable to the Excel file.

Downloadxml.7z (652.9 KB)
PLease find the xip file