How to write log in excel?

I want to log download file in excel ?

File 1:

File2 :

Step1 :
Read by rows column A in file1 and choose item in web.

Step2 : If have file click download and write file2 in column G = “Y”
but if in web don’t have file —> write file2 in column G = “N”

Remark : some report in file1 have 2 No.
example : report BBV have No. P1 and P2.

If have file , write “Y” in rows P1 and P2.

Please guide me about it.

Hi @Maria99

In excel remove ,and based on report select it using filter datatable activity and next use 2 nd excel and write the file accordingly


Hi @AshwinS2 ,

To achieve this

1- Read file 1 with output dt1
2 Read file 2 with output dt2
3 iterate on dt1 with the help of foreachrow
4 In body check file with respect to item(“Report “)
5 if file exist then get value of item(No.).ToString.Split({”,”},StringSplitOption.Nonone) in array of string variable.

6 Iterate each value of array with the help of foreach activity.
7 Use filter activity and pass input as dt1 and output as filterdt and in condition column name as “No.” and in value item2 value of foreach loop
8 If filterdt have some count then update value to respective cell with the help of writecell activity.

Now you have question in your mind how I will find index of row where value need to be updated so for that use lookup activity.

Let me know if you face any issue.
Try this it will work.

@ermanoj3101 I don’t clear in section 5-8.

Please guide me more about it.

Hi @Maria99 ,

For you reference i have attached one test xaml.
Test.xaml (8.8 KB)

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