How to write condition like If element exists then click the element, else go to next activity

I’m writing automation workflow to download different financial reports from more than 80 entities from oracle EBS.

After I submitted all reports, I need to click button of “查找”(means “search”) to go to the form that all reports available to be downloaded. Please see the screenshot of question0. I’ve used “while” and “element exists” to make sure button of “查找” is appears, then “click” to click the button. NO matter what properties of click I used “simulate click” or “default click” ,or delay before 3 seconds, or send hotkey “alt+i”, it will randomly not click successfully. (for exemple, after download 20 entities reports, it suddenly not click successfully).
Thus, I want to first use send hotkey “alt+i”, it may succeed to click “查找” for 90% rate, then I will use element exist to check if the “查找” still appears. If is true, use “click” again. But what I should put in the “else”? Since next activities are an" invoke workflow file" and the current workflow is already an sub-workflow, so if i drag next " invoke workflow file" into “else”, the arguments will not worked well, and I don’t want to change structures any more.

What’s more, I’ve doing this workflow for 2 months, quiet a longtime, because the form of Oracle is so unstable. Firstly, I use normal selectors to click/type into, “send windowmessages” or “simulate type”, " find element " before click or type. But always has “UI element” not found errors. Then I use send hotkey or type into without indicating elements, still unstable. Now I add while element exists for any new forms that opens up. But why there are still problem like, “click” not succeed. It seems that it depends on wire speed and if there are many people is using the system. I wonder if there is a stable solution for Oracle EBS automation.

Have a look into screenshot