Element exist - to If. Jumps to Then even when condition is not met


I’m filling in information in a form, and if the forms sends an error it should do something. If it does not sends an error it should fill out the rest of the form.

I use element exist, and then If control flow.

It jumps to then all the time, even when the condition (forms send error) is not met. Any solution to this or best practice to set this up?



What is the element you are testing for and the precise condition you are using? You can be sure that the condition is being met, it may just not be the right condition for what you need.


When I open excel i get the message that there is connections in the worksheet. I then try to identify the element and and then click don’t update.

In the If i want to send a email to the a specific user and tell them to return a excel without connections. Else i want to close the worksheet and store variables.

So far my robot can’t identity the element that tells there is connections.


You should be able to do this with the Element Exists activity, targeted at an element unique to the message window. Unfortunately I cannot help you further unless you can describe your workflow in more detail, for example with screenshots and/or an example excel sheet with this behaviour. For now this is what I understand/assume: you use Element Exists, this stores a result in a Boolean variable, which you then use in the If condition, only the condition is True where you expected it to be False.


Thanks, I found the solution here: