How to work with SAP iFrames

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to automate a SAP iFrame in UiPath, but the elements in the iFrame can’t be found. I tried to box it into its own “Use Browser” activity and added the browser via argument, but the element can’t be found while validating it works. Any ideas?

Hi @eris

  1. Instead of the “Use Browser” activity, try using the “Attach Browser” activity to target the SAP iFrame. Provide the browser as an argument to the activity or indicate the iFrame directly using the “Selector” property.
  2. If the iFrame you’re targeting is nested within another iFrame, you’ll need to handle the nested iFrames properly. In this case, you would use multiple “Attach Browser” activities, one for each level of nesting, until you reach the desired iFrame.
  3. If the elements within the iFrame still cannot be found, try modifying the selector used to identify the elements.



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Whenever you work with iframes make sure to select each iframe line from the ui explorer centre top window…That should solve the selector issue