How to work with drop-down list in WEB browsers

Good day,

Can anyone advise how to work properly with drop down list.
I want robot to find required ID ind drop-down list and put a mark opposite it

@oredresser have you tried with select item,have a try with this activity.

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First of all you have ti see whether it is feasible by seeing what kind of selectors you get from indicating the elements. (Is it a web app?)

Then see whether the indicated elements have something that you can increment and get the attributes value matching your requirement.

If yes, then you can iterate through then node by node (either direct selector manipulation or find children activity) and (check whether you can get the ‘state’ of the element as ‘checked’ or ‘unchecked’ too, which would help you to be more precise in checking and un-checking) and select whichever you want to.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey @oredresser,

You can use the find children activity which will give you an ienumerable of uielement.
Iterate using for each and use the click activity inside the loop to click on the desired child element.

I have tried a bit. It works 50/50. It selects item, but next task - how to put the mark opposite it?

@oredresser and from there you can use anchor base by giving find element if it finds the element it has to mark it.try this once let me know if any thing goes wrong.

If it works 50/50 then there might be some issue with generic selector you might have to tweak it a little bit using different automation frameworks during indication of elements using UiExplorer.

Try and get back whether it works smoothly.

Thank you all for help. It has been resolved by using anchor. But as list is of 500 hundreds items, searching and marking is quite slow. Any one knows how too improve searching and marking speed?

Thank you verymuch. It helped

@oredresser that’s great buddy cheers.

Try the Find Children approach once.It will be much faster.