How to wait for progress bar need help

Actually i am working on one portal in which one search button is there. once click on it it the progress bar or we can say that loading bar… But I want wait when there is progress bar is there. and after that quickly take next activity after that progress bar is gone or invisible how I can do this please suggest something

Hello @Rahulthombare

Can you share the screenshot of the progress bar and the selector of the progress bar from uiexplorer.

Also, did you try using Wait Attribute? If not give it a try or you can use element exists activity also.

Sir but how I can capture progress bar bcz its appear sometime for very short time and sometime for long time… And I want just wait upto progress bar is visible and when it’s disappeared I want run my project continue

@Rahulthombare Did you try using element exists activity or image exists activity

Hello @Rahulthombare

If you want to capture that, you can jse recorder. Then you will get the selector and you can use it in the element exists. Or if want to wait till disappearing of that element, you can wait element vanish.

Also as you mentioned it will appear only for few seconds, is it mandatory to check the presense of the progress bar?? Or if any other requirement plz explain

we could use the retry scope activity and let it synchronize the bot to the progress bar.

When elements are set to display status hidden we would also find them with an element exists.

But with following package we can check the css property value (eg. display = none) and will not be confused by the permanent existence of the element: