Wait for loading bar to disappear

I am filling a form but sometimes a loading bar appears at random places (Not Fixed)
I want to wait for this element to disappear and then continue filling the form

But I am getting confused because if I add element exists activity then there will be some timeout for that as well so firstly it will take some time to check if the element exists and then wait for it to vanish. In this way it will take even more time than the previous. (I hope you are getting my point).

The solution I want is

Whenever that loading bar appears wait for it to vanish then continue typing into the form

Hi @Sami_Rajput,

You could put the element exists in a While loop, and turn the element exists’ timeout down to something smaller, like 1000ms.

It’d look something like this:

You would still need an element exists before the While, but again you can turn the timeout down on this.

I’d propose to handle it like this:

First timeout should be something short, the maximum value you expect for the loading bar to appear. The second timeout should be the maximum value you expect for the loading bar to disappear.

If the loading bar can appear in many places of the flow, extract this to a separate workflow and invoke it in the places where the loading bar may appear.

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@william.coulson @efelantti

another issue is that there are multiple “Type into” activities in my process and that loading bar appears usually when i done typing into the field and press enter

So that means I have to use that solution you mentioned before and after all my type into activities ??
Or is there a easier way

I think it’s the best way to do it.

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